How to avoid to muscle sores -

How to avoid to muscle sores

Sours are a real chore, especially for everyone who begins their adventure with sport. If we do not take care of a properly prepared organism for more effort, it may turn out that after an active workout the next day, we will feel pain at every move. So what to do to avoid sourdough? Below are some great tips.


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If you lead an active lifestyle and regularly play sports, you will probably avoid soreness even after more effort. If you are planning a greater effort (for example, you want to go to the mountains or plan a bike trip), and so far you’ve been away from any kind of activity, it’s better to start training earlier

Sauna, hot baths, warming ointments

Another way to prevent the formation of sourdough is to go to the sauna for about 15 minutes. Instead of a sauna, you can also take a hot bath, or rub a warming ointment.


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Stretching is very important. Be sure to do stretching exercises before and after physical exercise. Remember that the better and the longer you will stretch them the smaller you will have the next day.

After physical exercise, it is worth to massage muscles. Massage can be done in the shower with a massage glove or go to a qualified massage therapist.

Drink as much water as possible during each exercise. The more you dehydrate, the more your muscles will hurt later.

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