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9 weight loss supplements you shoud try

It seems impossible to drop a few kilograms. Maintaining the figure and proper muscle mass is also difficult. In this case, you can reach for proven dietary supplements that will help in training and speed up fat burning. MyProtein products will help you on your adventure with weight loss and maintaining good form.


Fat Binder – reduce the gastric absorption of fat from food

If you want to lose weight, Fat Binder has been created for this purpose. This preparation limits the absorption of fats from food in the digestive system. The main component of the capsules is vegetable fiber chitosan. This compound is able to bind 60g of fat (540 calories) preventing its absorption and storage by the body. Chitosan does not absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and allows the body to use them.


Fat Binder £5

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