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23 Biggest Celebrities Plastic Surgeries Disasters

Beauty at all costs. Pain is not an obstacle on the way to fame. Stars are beautifying for better roles, contracts, just to look younger and feel better. Operations, however, involve high risks and there is never any certainty that everything will go as planned. Especially for you, we have prepared a list of unsuccessful – in our opinion – plastic surgery. We sympathize with the heroes of the gallery.

1 of 23: Amanda Lepore (Armand Lepore)

Armand was born in 1967. 11 years later, the boy from New Jersey realized that it is and always was a girl. At the age of 17, he underwent a sex change operation and became Amanda. Since then consistently he is working on his own body, bringing it to a state of almost grotesque. A few centimeters eyelashes, huge breast implants, lip monstrously big, smooth face up, changed body shape obtained by breaking ribs. And although he realizes that he is far from natural, he does not intend to withdraw from it.

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery before and after so incredibly sad

2 of 23: Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, Duchess of Alba

Princess Alba has never commented on rumors about the use of plastic surgery clinics. Spanish media journalists have calculated that she was about eight plastic surgery. She had her forehead and eyebrows corrected, a few patches on her nose, cheeks, eyelids, lips, and she also made several face injections with her own fat, collagen or botox.

The 20 most shocking celebrity plastic surgery disasters of all ...

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