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Tibetan elixir of youth

How to make a Tibetan elixir of youth? Its real strength is its ingredients. It is a mix of three valuable ingredients that have a great impact on our body. We can buy them in every supermarket.


– it is a natural antioxidant who helps to remove free radicals from the body, which are responsible for the majority of diseases,

– protects the body and strengthens our immunity

– it is rich in many vitamins that our body needs to function properly

– detoxifies the body

– contains antioxidants that slow down the aging process


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Olive oil

– is one of the best vegetable fats (helps reduce cholesterol and prevents heart disease)

– contains unsaturated fatty acids that support the process of treatment of hypertension, improve circulation, prevent the formation of blood clots

– contains sterols that prevent numerous diseases and stimulate tissue regeneration

– improves digestion and shows detoxification properties

– improves the absorption of some minerals


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